Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I hate taking pictures!

There, I've said it.

You may remember me starting a photography experiment some while ago, and I think it's time to announce some results.

I'm still cautious enough to add 'at this stage of my life' somewhere in this sentence, but the outcome is this - I hate taking pictures, it's a chore, it does not give me any pleasure, it's never brimming with inspiration and my pics are at best mediocre, at worst - well, hopeless. I like spotting things to snap, but when it's time to touch the actual machinery, my energies go all flop. Hate the bloody thing.

But why am I bringing this up? Because after a lot of inner wrestling I decided to be kind to myself and to stick with a minimum-photographic-input formula on this blog.

I'm aware that blogs are much about images and that it may turn some people away from mine. On the other hand - I'm a writer, not a photographer. Forcing myself to take mediocre pictures to show up here consumes loads of my time and happiness, and compromises quality of writing (well, pissed off, depressed writers do have their moments of fame, but I'm not planning career in this direction just at the moment). Besides, I know that I enjoy blogs that you can actually read much more than the ones that are only pics with titles. So maybe, maybe (!) I'm not alone out there.

I'm not going to ban pics completely, of course. If a photo opportunity presents itself and if it's a pleasure to take it, or if a subject simply shouts for being illustrated, I'll be happy to go ahead with it.

I'm just not going to feel guilty anymore about posting without pics three days in a row.

As Alice (in Wonderland) in recent movie said - 'This is my dream. I make the path!'

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