Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Behold the outcome of a month or so of my work.
It's a middle stage, they still need some finishing before they are turned into actual jewellery, but the main, most time consuming part is done.
I feel bloody proud.
I thought some maths would be interesting here.
Every pendant is made of 361 cross stitches and approx. 152 edging stitches. That together makes 513 stitches, each and every single one hand sewn.
With earrings the figures are 242, 176 and 418 accordingly (per pair).
Pictured above are 16 future pendants and 14 pairs of future earrings.
So what you're actually looking at consists of 14,060 stitches and is equal to hours (HOURS!!) of my work.
All together it wouldn't fill a jam jar.
I guess this proves that the size doesn't matter after all :)

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