Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm not there

Have not been here in a while... Partly because of a temporary cut-off from the Internet, but mainly because I seem to have lost heart to Etsy and I don't feel inclined to continue the adventure. After so much time and effort spent on something with completely nil regards the effects, I guess it's easy to loose heart. Good sides: I'm left with a lifetime supply of birthday/Christmas gifts to female friends. Bad sides: oh, what a disappointment it is! They say it's not about not falling down, but getting up and trying again, but since I'm definitely in a 'falling down' phase and it's not the most pleasant place in the world, I'll abstain from any optimism. In fact, I'll abstain from too much talking either.

Well, if I happen to say goodbye to Etsy for good, there is not much point in keeping this blog live, so I'll shut it down or recreate it completely, haven't decided yet.

Just to let you know, if there are any readers out there.