Friday, July 2, 2010

I don't do Facebook!

I don't do Twitter either, or any other of those social networking sites.

I recognise that it's probably killing my business, with all the missed advertising etc., but hell - there's only so many things I'm willing to sell for money.

I think it stinks - pretending to be everyone's friend only to get more exposure on a website, or to get that warmish feeling 'how popular I am'. I guess some people use Facebook and the likes in order not to feel lonely, but it doesn't seem to work for me - having loads of internet 'friends' to tell me how 'awesome' I am does not make me feel less lonely. And my ego does not need a boost.

Just along the same lines, I have a problem with social networking 'etiquette'. I came across a post on Etsy forum, where a seller said something along the lines of: if someone hearts you, heart them back - it's common courtesy.

I thought I'm supposed to like someone's shop (blog, project, website, fill in what you want) because I like their WORK? Because I consider what they do valuable and extraordinary? Not because someone told me they liked mine?

It seems pretty cheap way of getting recognision. Who cares if your work is any good or not, it's enough to shower someone with praise, and due to 'etiquette' they will mark your product as favourite, not because they think it's any special, but out of sense of social obligation.

What's the point in having 'favourites' then? Why not call it - people that like ME and I'm paying back?

I say screw it. If it makes me impolite, rude, anti-social - let it be. I'll end up with much less appreciation, but at least I will respect those opinions.

And I will feel real gratefulness.

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