Saturday, July 3, 2010

My first time...

My first time as a featured seller has arrived :).

Natalie from CrescentMoonPapers invited me to be a guest appearance on her blog some time ago and - tah dah! - here I am, with couple of pictures and a little interview (now when I'm thinking of it, it's my first time being interviewed as well. What a bounty of new experiences!). See for yourself (here) if you don't believe me ;).

It feels weird as I'm only slowly getting accustomed to being out there and being SEEN. Usually I prefer to shy away from any attention but I'm gradually realising that in order to be independent, I have to be seen. How else are people to know about my existence? I'm happy to stay out of social focus in my private life, but in business - either go out there and tell people that your product is good or die ;).

It's a hard work, juggling between authenticity and marketing when in plain public view. I'm commited to staying away from bullshit marketing ('uniquecutefantastic x, crafted by the DaVinci/Picasso/y himself, in pure gold studded with million carat diamonds, and all for unbelievable $9.99!). On the other hand, I still want to sell my product (otherwise why would I bother with setting up an online shop?) and when thinking of what I do, I still err on the side of judging myself far below my capabilities. So it takes a bit of inner work to say - hey, I'm out there, and my product is good. Not bullshit good, but good to make you happy with.

Anyway, the first ice is broken and I'm the star of the day on Natalie's blog. Big thank you for having me up there, Natalie!

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