Sunday, June 13, 2010

Writing vs photography

I guess I'm much more of a writer than a photographer.

I promised myself to update this blog fairly often and in my dream world a stunning picture would accompany every single post.
But then the reality sinks in and I find myself behind the schedule with no pics worth looking at.

For example - yesterday I went for another one of my shell-hunting expeditions, this time to Coral Beach in Carraroe. Place is unbelievable in its subtle beauty, no flashy colours or anything (apart from maybe the ever-present emerald green), but I bet the spirit of zen-like tranquility reigning there could be somehow translated into an image. Especially with a black-sailed ship passing by, the sails full of wind and water so blue...

But of course, I had to forget my camera.

Not the first time, as well. Actually, I forget the camera more often than not. Completely don't have a habit of taking it with me. I love travelling light, but well, some compromise needs to be put in place if I want to manage a decent blog. And a camera after all is not that heavy :P.

What I'm trying to say, getting distracted all the time, is that writing comes to me so much easier than taking pics. I could go on for hours at a keyboard but when it comes to photography I'm all forgetful and stuck up and need to actually make myself do it. It must have something to do with natural predispositions, I'm thinking - or maybe I'm wrong? Maybe all this happens because I DO have a habit of writing and I can't say the same on snap-snapping?

What do ya think?

That's my next plan: a bit of experiment on myself. I'm going to focus a bit more on taking pictures, spend more time on it, etc. and we shall see if it's going to get any easier with time.

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