Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I got a bad case of insectomania.

Ladybirds have featured in my work for quite a while now, but now it's time for wasps and bees as well. Wasps are really just a warm-up - the pattern is easy to make, the colours bright and vivid. Bees are my main target at the moment.

I've always been attracted to those buzzing creatures, maybe one beautiful day I'll get to be a beekeper (I hope so!!)? There must be some old magic hidden in the hives. Not mentioning pure beauty and magnificence of a single bee on a flower...

I've seen a display in Bristol zoo once upon a time, where a hive was put in between two glass sheets, so that every detail of its structure was visible. Wouldn't mind to see it again, and the idea - ha, tasty! Bee lore is something I've only briefly touched, but one of my plans is to dig deeper. Once a beekeper told me that bees are more likely to sting you if you wear perfume. Apparently they don't like if someone tricks them and pretends to be a flower! Another tasty story I've picked up is more folklorish. A good beekeeper has to bring his bees up to date with all the gossip from the household, otherwise they don't keep well. Plants grow better if you talk to them, well, why not bees?

If you are a beekeeper and think it's complete bullshit - argue with Terry Pratchett, not me :) I got the last bit of folklore from his Lord and Ladies - a bit of read as sweet as honey and as sharp as sting!

Insect-inspired jewelry will arrive into my shop as soon as I finish it, so keep watching.

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