Thursday, July 15, 2010

Stitching as a remedy

I mentioned few times how stitching puts me into a trance-like state, when the big world outside seems to be somehow less important and the slow, colourful, patterned thoughts sailing through my head get the steering wheel for a while. Man, how pleasant is that!

Now I'm discovering a new facet to this diamond - stitching can be a rescue remedy.

When something seems to fall apart, really worries or scares the shit out of me - hell, how do I stitch then! Like insane, I can tell you that. I don't think it can solve any actual problem (well, if the Etsy shop eventually moves off the ground it may solve at least one.. the cashy one..) but it helps to ground you when you're freaking out. Panic attacks have no chance of surviving slow, regular stitch-stitch-stitching :).

It soothes, it reaches some deep, calm place inside and allows me to hide there in times of anguish.

And I will have something tangible I've made myself to account for all the time lost in thoughts.

So, my shop will soon be blooming with new products. Watch this, it only gets better :)

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