Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How to deal with silence

Privately, I love silence. I love silence when there's no radio playing, no cars roaring, no meaningless words spoken for noise's sake. Did you notice how scare of silence people are today?

But never mind that, it's business silence I'm going to try to tackle today.
So you do have your shop set up, you are listing something every day, you try to be visible on the net but... nothing much comes out of it. No sales, views are slow to come, no spark, no movement.

It's tempting to give up.

Well, I'm not giving up, that's for sure.

A big observation I made right after I started doing my online business. Don't know how about you, but I need to resist the feeling of urgency. Like - I need to get sales NOW, I need to be seen by millions (hehe) NOW, I need to have a hundred different projects going all the time, to be constantly busy and buzzing around.

Well, no. What I really need is to sit back and take time to recharge my batteries. What I really need is to focus on the idea I have at any given moment, play with it, turn it around in my imagination, give it time and energy and allow it to become really special. And if no project seems attractive right now, I need to stop forcing myself to do anything, just to keep my conscience clear - 'after all I AM working on my shop, aren't I?' type bullshit doesn't do much good, just makes me feel rotten inside.

I believe that quality is much more important than quantity. I believe that my work will gain much more from me stepping back and reading a good book (or whatever else I do to feel better) so that when I'm really ready to do some work, it's exceptional and looked forward to.

Not even mentioning how tortured I feel when I'm trying to force myself to do anything, as opposed to creating out of real joy.

I can see the difference. Can you?

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