Sunday, July 4, 2010

How to fix a burn hole

Do you know those? If you happen to be a smoker, I bet you do. Even if you stay away from cigarettes, you cannot underestimate viciousness of campfires or sparklers.

I am a politically incorrect fan of cigarrettes and those little burn-outs ruin my clothing quite often. Now, I got this striped top from my sister not too long ago, and I managed to kill it straight away (if she reads this blog, she's probably going to kill ME). Besides, that's the only thing in pink that, to my surprise, I can tolerate, because it actually makes me look very good. A solution was called for.

I have whole lot of multi-coloured felt bits from my other crafting projects. The other things you would need are some hemming tape and hot iron. Step one: you think of a pattern you want to use to cover your hole. Step two: you cut it out in both felt ((or whatever fabric you have on hand) and hem tape. Step three: you arrange it on your burnt item and iron it on. As easy as that.

And the final effect?
I think the pics speak louder than any words.

A sigh of relief as now I may not get killed by my big Sis.

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