Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sea Inspirations

Things are speeding up.
I opened the new section today - new project, new chapter in my creative development, new lessons to learn...
I'm excited and a bit anxious how will it go down, but here only patience is the cure.
Why with every new solution you also get a bunch of new problems?
Two appeared straight after I launched today:
1. I will probably need to find some other way to take pics for this line - as much as I love the background of natural coral, it's a bit dark. Well, before I give the idea up for good I'll try to find some win-win solution, but something clearly needs to be done about it. Maybe some advice? How to keep the coral as background but make the pic brighter? I'd appreciate it very much!
2. Better description/search words. Or better category? I've listed this item as jewelry (well, that's what it is...) but new items in jewelry section stay new for about 10 seconds... Bit to short to be seen. I'm all against fighting competition, I'd rather stick to my own niche. Having a category all to myself is quite unlikely, but again - brainstorming waves go this direction and hopefully a solution will present itself.
They usually do, you know?

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