Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lilac for Luck

My latest addition to NoKitschProject on Etsy was inspired by lilacs. Well, May is already gone and I didn't think to snap proper photos when lilacs were in bloom. Above the flower I used instead, shape-wise nothing like lilac, but when you think of the colour...
Ha, to see the actual earrings you need to make a quick detour to the shop.
And when we're there - a question or a whimsical query of mine - have you ever heard of 5-petal lilac flowers being lucky? I've never met anyone who heard of it and I start to think it might've been my Mum's trick to keep me occupied for hours, me going through huge bunches of lilacs, counting petals flower after flower. Man, I must have found mountains of luck in those days:) Help me out (and save my Mum's reputation as a folklorist:)!

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