Monday, May 31, 2010

7 is the magic number?

My seventh pair of earrings is up on etsy!
Finger's crossed so that it brings me luck.
I wouldn't really mind making a sale, just as a boost of my confidence, showing that somebody out there likes what I do. But all in its time, the trick is to stay calm and do your job regardless of anything.
I called the pair on the picture A Moment of Sadness, and wondered for quite a while whether I should stick with it. After few years of brainwashing in a conventional office, I remembered all those 'no negatives' rules out of marketing schools and I guess they reached deeper inside my head then I ever thought. But then again - I recalled all those moments when I read marketing products (fantastic, brilliant, perfect, ideal, blah blah blah) and thought - GET REAL!
I'm not even trying to say that calling a product good is an outright lie, what I was missing all the time is exactly what I had been told to leave out - a little bit of negative. Life itself is a mixture of positive and negative (sometimes it's even difficult to distinguish between the two!) and if something lacks one of the aspects so definitely, it feels fake. I don't know how about you, reader, but if I sense that someone is trying to hide something from me, I'm instantly on my guard. Obviously, I'm much less likely to buy off someone I'm cautious of.
Authenticity is becoming more and more important to me, because it's one of the very few things I have discovered that is able to make real magic happen. And I wanted to somehow share the story behind my earrings number seven. I was really sad when stitching them. I thought my world is falling apart, I was lost and confused. And it gave me some consolation, when picking colours and design for the earrings I went for dark, sombre shades in line with my mood. If felt like accepting the moment I'm in, going right ahead with it so that I can live through it and move on. Plus, even such a dark time allowed me to create something beautiful, something I could touch, and feel proud of, especially that it takes some courage to admit publicly that you're sad in today's popculture-infused world. And I DID say that, even in product description on my shop - see for yourself.
Well, the moment of sadness passed, the earrings stayed, and I hope like hell they will soon find a happy new owner.

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  1. You know, Love, it's all going somewhere. I mean, all this love and joy from your creative adventure is going somewhere. Good luck and I love the name for this pair! xxx