Thursday, June 3, 2010

Soaring views

No, it's not about any fancy new ideology, it's just that last night seemed to add some extra charm to my creations, because views of each pair rose sky-high. Hardly any left now with 1-digit number of views! Makes me quite proud. Adds some motivation, because I'm hitting some sort of a slow-down in creative energies.

I've crafted twenty-odd pairs of earrings that now wait in the queue to be put on the web (and to be snapped with my faithful camera first...) and I'm a bit at loss as to what to do next. I started a new line of jewellery, bracelets this time, but making them somehow does not give me such a joy so I guess they will be discarded. I don't want to compromise my joy with any reasoning about market values and other - if it doesn't make you happy, it must be that bad - to paraphrase slighly Sheryl Crow's popular song.

It doesn't help, either, that I'm bound to fulfill my obligations with my old office and to work there few more days, starting tomorrow. Somehow all of my spirits sink at the very thought. Not that I have something against the place, it's just that it's so unlike me that it physically hurts to go there again.

Well, heavy armour on to survive next week and in the meantime - big hunt for fresh ideas! It's quite difficult to describe the process of brainstorming for new handmade projects. It involves going through all the different things I've ever tried to see what I feel like at the moment, and then thinking long and hard how could I enrich it, what fresh element I could add to make it something yet unseen. You need to get a bit crazy for that bit sometimes:).

But what a revelation when I hit the right one! Boost of energy that can last for weeks.
Fingers crossed!

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