Friday, June 18, 2010

Potato enlightment

I was reminded today how precious love is. Not the Hollywood-flick-pink-bubbles love, but the everyday, ordinary, down-to-earth kind. I realised how much I was missing softness and beauty in each act.

This happens sometimes, when I get carried away by the Ideas (capital I is essential here), and brain takes over all the energies. Ha, beautiful things can be created this way, but it's all sort of.. dry, lacking this particle of light, this quality of caressing peace inside. And this mode consumes loads and loads of inner fuel, and does it quickly, too. The way to keep going is to stuff oneself with movement, activity, excitement, the more extreme, the better. Some probably can work great in this pace - I know I can't. Not for long, too soon I'm out of breath and empty inside.

Then there's alternative - to infuse each act with soft, delicate love, or to be more precise - to open oneself and allow love to flow in. To put aside all the worries and ambitions, slow down and to focus on experiencing the love that's there anyway. Anytime. Sometimes difficult to achieve, but for me - priceless.

You don't need a prince charming to feel that, you don't need perfect body or a state of art house, you don't need a meter long list of success, nor any other of those things that mass media present as so desirable. You just need to go a bit deeper in and let yourself feel what's already there. Once I happened to fall into an all blissful state of this kind when... peeling a potato. Imagine that! Potato enlightment, sounds surreal, ha? But it only shows that there's love in even the most banal activities. And if you can laugh afterwards - even better.

I think it's extremely important to follow this energetical track when creating things. Probably beautiful objects can be made in all the other states of mind as well, whatever works for anyone in a given moment. But for me - I know I need a dip into this source. This is where I get the inspiration from, this is what translates making into pure joy and adds heart and soul to the tangible object I end up with.

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