Thursday, May 20, 2010

Stitching frenzy

I'm stitching like insane.

Pleasure it is, most of the time.

I'm sure it's not only me, but I tend to fall into a trance-like state when doing any precise, repetitive things with my hands. Whenever I'm not under too much pressure, this has a sweet, dream-like quality, inspiration flows and it feels good to be alive.
Otherwise I just worry and make up paranoid scenarios for the future, haha.

Back to stitching, though - I'm making a line of square, cross-stitched earrings. Simple but bloody effective. I was always fascinated by a texture of fabric covered with cross stitches, stiff but smooth, and you can feel each stitch under your finger, like tiny grains.. Sooo, here goes the idea for the first line of my creations. Durable edging, some felt for the backing, bright coloured thread, hooks and voila - earrings like no other! I enjoy every stage - from drawing the designs in my little pad (God, I feel like a child in kindergarden, with colour pencils and all, and what a glorious feeling it is!), then needlework, up on my cork board - what a joy for the eye when couple of pairs are put together! - eventually all the finishing touches.
It is time consuming, I have to admit that. But I consider this time well spent. At least I can always have a look at a tangible effect of those hours.

And you know what? I'll let you have a look too. I promise I'll put some pics on this blog, as soon as I get around to taking some decent shots.

Now, that may be a completely different story...

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