Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Devil in detail...

Have a quick look at the pictures of the same pair of earrings two posts down and tell me what you think.

I bet I know what you think - hell lot of a difference, and the devil is in the detail...

I thought long and hard on how to make my pics more attractive.
The effect you can see above. Worked?

The white background is actually a shirt I wear very rarely - nightmare of washing snow-whites! - but I love the texture of fabric. Very old fashioned it feels to me, but in good sense. Makes me think of all the delicate, innocent things in the world (or am I stretching it too far?).
Anyway - works great as a background for pics.
White seems to work better - any photographer could probably tell me why, I can just conclude based on my own trials and errors.

Next thing - I got some feedback, and from two different people as well, that the golden-headed pins are a nice touch. So, let's get wild and add some more! There's only one extra at the picture attached, but on other... Let's say I was quite generous:)

And finally - flower power:) Leaf picked straight from the public lawn in front of my apartment, when coming back from shopping for groceries. No such a big hassle! And the effect - stunning!

Actually, I had this weird thought: my earrings are not needed in the picture at all. Nature itself is so perfect, so beautiful, that any additions are only unnecessary clutter.

What an un-marketing thought:) But hey - let's just say it's my act of appreciation of the Earth with its bounty.

4 items up on the shop website now, all with better pics. If you want to have a look, feel invited to check them out here.

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