Thursday, May 27, 2010

Internet inspiration - double edged sword

I'm right after a good session of digging through the net to find some ideas.
And how do I feel? Like if somebody had attached a thousand leeches to my elbow to suck suck suck all the fresh blood = fresh ideas = any traces of well-being left in me.

Do you know it from your own experience, perhaps?

There's so much stuff out there, so many projects, so many people. Some are outright there to trick you and to make you buy/believe in bullshit. Because of their plentitude I'm on my guard against EVERYONE now - tires the hell out of me.
Some are just cheap and kitsch and ugly and don't have anything gracious on them.
Some seem to be so great that I instantaneously feel that I'll never be able to do something worth second look.
God, the Earth is so CROWDED!!!

Leaving everyone to their own, what is a person supposed to do if they want to exist somewhere there, if they want to offer a product, but not enter the newly-emerging online rat race?

I guess I will need to cut down on the amount of time spent looking for 'inspiration' online.

It only makes me feel unworthy and tiny - after all, there's so many people doing fabulous things, selling it in a fantastic way and being oh-so-cool. Where am I compared to that?

Then I have another thought - what if I close my eyes completely to what those Other People do? What if I focus on doing my own thing, what if I let my dreams, my perceptions, my emotions inspire me instead of looking for inspiration from someone else? Whatever happens to my creations - the time and joy in creating them is mine. Nobody is able to take it away from me. I am here and now, I have two hands, all the time in the world and million ideas in my head and the rest can go hang.

Easier said than done, but I guess that's the right direction to go.

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