Monday, October 18, 2010

Autumn blues

Is it just me or everything suddenly turned cold and nasty?

Mid-October, mornings are getting misty and I keep my socks on when I go to bed at night (or morning, as it so often happens, me being an owl-type of person).

More blues inside and for some reason I cannot find enough energy to radiate optimism and belief in glorious future. Very non-marketing, heh?

I blame it on the autumn blues and I'm going to stick to it, at least here.

So, news from the shop will be quite cold and unenthusiastic, too. Nothing much happens. A handful of new views every day (hey, one item is at 99, one more and I can celebrate! A friend of mine tells me that the sales will start once I hit 100 and that statistics don't lie - hell, I hope he's right:), an item renewed once every few days, but that's it. Pretty monotonous.

Well, there's a new banner popped into both Etsy and the blog (which is here! here! scroll up to the top and see for yourself!) - I seem to finally be getting hold of graphic programs. A side effect of web design course. What do you think? At least now it shows what I actually do.

I also started work on a website for NoKitschProject. I have quite a clear idea for the whole thing set up in my head and I will get there eventually, but with the autumn atmosphere smashing my head to pieces it's going slowly, oh sooo slowly. Making a website is a simple affair, but it's unbelievably time-consuming. Also, after some point, very repetitive. And I'm waiting for some inspiration to come up with the words that will be just right, not some nauseous cliches or pure marketing bullshit. Quite tricky.

As I said, I'll get there eventually.

I'm also halfway through photo session for my new zodiac jewelry line - I have about a quarter of the pics, but can't bring myself to move and finish it off. Autumn blues again, and the fact that I'm fighting an endless battle with my camera does not help, either. I want to put them up on the web in one go, so that the collection stays whole, so I cannot move until the photographic task is done. I'll get there eventually...

Shame, because I'm quite curious if the zodiacs will be liked. Hell, I'm a bit low hope-wise these days, and I'm losing belief in value of what I do. I know I shouldn't (how come that people doing cruel, nasty, soulless things NEVER seem to hesitate?), and I know this too shall pass, but I'm only human.

That would be the end of autumn blues for today, thank you very much. Hopefully I will write again soon and in a better mood. Hopefully I won' t need the spring to arrive.

Oh, above you can see another pic from my playful session with Vanda. Quite something, eh?

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