Monday, September 27, 2010

Tech news

I've started a web design course some time ago. Bit too early to say whether I will hate it or love it. However, straight-from-a-class mindset can end up effecting all sorts of discoveries...

If you are an Etsian, you will probably find this one useful. Did you know that sections in your shop actually work as keywords to the main website of your store? So the more sections you have, the bigger your chance of being found in Google? Maybe it's general knowledge, written somewhere in The Rules, although I doubt it. I did not know until today. I found out only because I took a fancy to have a look at HTML version of my store and thanks to my course, I knew what to look for. Who knows, maybe I will be able to publish more smart tech tricks as my classes progress?

I also noticed there is a new 'Stats' section in Blogger. Curiosity killed the cat, but it also allowed me to learn that total visits to this blog as of today count 346. Nothing too impressive, heh? I stay optimistic as I assume it will only get better. But back to my stats - I also found out that my blog is being referred to from a Russian website, or so it would seem after my not-so-specialist analysis. Imagine my confusion when I realised that the above mentioned website is all written in Russian. I can't even READ Russian, much less understand it (although I wish I could), so I have no way of telling if it's all a big accident, or have I some secret Muscovite admirers or someone is slandering me shamelessly certain in knowledge of my ignorance :)

Another surprise I dug out is a visit, not too many days ago, from a reader in Vietnam, who improved my stats by QUITE a few pageviews in one sitting. Well, let's forget PR for a while. I want to confess that according to Blogger stats, this is the first person who actually seemed to sit down and read through my blog instead of simply flying over a post or two (or such is my happy conjecture). Hereby I want to acknowledge this special Vietnamese guest with a big Thank You and my sincerest hope that you enjoyed your reading :)

That's it :) End of tech stories for today. More to follow.

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