Sunday, October 24, 2010

First sale!

Ok, I'm pale and proud and just have to say something about it.

Last week I have made my very first online sale. No, not on Etsy (though I would very much love to:), but on Ebay.

Just to put everything into the right perspective - I am richer by one whole euro after this success, but it's not about the money, not right here, not right now.

Ebay does this wonderful thing once in a while - they announce 'free listing' weekend. So I figured that if I have completely nothing to lose, it's worth a try. Just to get accustomed to dealing with customers, etc. etc.

I've gathered some paper craft supplies over last few months, so this is the direction I went. I've put on auction sets of paper cut daisies in four colours. After my first try - nothing happened. Same after the second. But after the third... THE email arrived into my mailbox, saying - You did it! Your item sold!

I was quite stressed about my ability to provide fantastic customer service. The very phrase brings bad associations to my mind after some years of payroll jobs, when I was paid to sell goods I didn't give a toss about. But I tried my best. I thought of the buyer as of a friend. I waved aside all inner screams about professionalism, and simply tried to add some warmth to the package. I've slipped in some extra daisies - hell, just for luck. I've hand written a sincere thank you note. And guess what - I already have a very good feedback. But more important than that - I feel great inside. I feel I've handled it just as I wanted to. I know I will be able to handle any future transactions in exactly the same way. It's a great relief. It feels fabulous.

And there's another 'free listing' weekend on Ebay starting yesterday, so who knows, maybe soon I'll have more experiences of the kind?

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